Hon Lien was born in Bac Lieu in South Vietnam.  Her Chinese Father left China for Vietnam to establish a family.  He met a young Vietnamese woman, and fell in love.  They married and had 12 children.  Growing up in an interracial family prepared Hon for many challenges later in life.  In 1978 the family decided to leave Vietnam.  Her Father and older brothers built a boat and the entire extended family decided they would either survive or die together.  Upon arriving in Malaysia they were denied entry.  Hon’s Father sank the boat which forced authorities to allow them entry; they were placed in a Malaysian refugee camp.  It was here that the family was split, never to live together again.  After 13 months in camp they were granted entry into the United States, arriving on December 26, 1979.  That evening, her Father, after delivering his family to safety, suffered a stroke and died shortly after.

His death forced Hon into the employment market at age 14.  During her attendance at George Washington High School in San Francisco she held various jobs such as Housekeeper, YMCA Counselor, Secretary at the Richmond District Neighborhood Center and Tour Coordinator at Saddleback Condominium Real Estate Company.  While attending City College, she and her brother founded Sunnyvale Seafood Corporation which ultimately grew into a 60 million dollar business employing over 50 people.

During this period Hon started multiple businesses, most of which were successful.  In 2002 she started and co-owned L&D Enterprise in Vietnam. L&D manufactures packages and exports food products to the European market. 

Having experienced the many challenges in her life she and her family committed themselves to public service and volunteer work within their community. She was Trustee and Treasurer of Lincoln Law School in San Jose and an Executive Council Member of Silicon Valley Children’s Hospital Foundation. (2003-2010).  She worked with the Swedish Charity, AGAPE, and helped provide over 20,000 wheelchairs, hospital beds and equipment to Binh Duong Clinic and other hospitals in Vietnam.

Hon, her husband Andrew and their four children moved to Milpitas in 1999.  They were attracted to the diversity of the city, the good schools and the reasonable housing prices.        She joined Rotary in 2003.   She had served on the International Committee and has been selected President twice. 

She was elected to the Milpitas School Board in 2016.  Since then she has served as Board Clerk, Board Vice-President, and now is the President of the Board.  Among her proudest accomplishments are the graduation from Milpitas High of her four children, a grandchild and a nephew. 

Hon is committed to continuing to serve the Milpitas Community and is running for          re-election to the School Board this November. 


She is asking for your support and your vote this Fall. 


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