Educating Students

We must continue to promote Early Childhood Education to ensure our students’ long term success. I believe in creating successful pathways for our students to succeed even after they graduate from our District. In order to help our students discover their passion early on, I am working on developing a Monthly Career symposium for our students. We also must work to expand our knowledge of the contributions, background, and history of all our students’ diverse cultures.

Safety of Students

The safety of our students is paramount. I will continue to work with the City of Milpitas to provide Crossing Guards at all our Campuses. We should promote the installation of Security Cameras at all our school entrances to monitor activity. It was not long ago that we were focused on active shooter scenarios at our schools.

Social Emotional Support

Our students’ need for Social-Emotional Learning & Mental Health Support has increased. They are experiencing increasing social pressures in their lives.  Covid-19 has added unforeseen challenges that we must continually address. We hired and developed our own internal mental health clinicians and are decreasing our dependency on ad-hoc contractors. Our mental health clinicians will utilize evidence-based practices around counseling and consultation with the goal of supporting the social emotional behavioral growth of all students.

Fiscal Responsibility-Balanced Budget

My voting record has been focused on Fiscal Responsibility. I work tirelessly to raise money with outside organizations to help balance our District’s Budget and fund Educational Programs at various school sites. For example, the Exploratory STEAM program at Rose Elementary and the Fresh Lifelines for Youth FLY (an award winning non-profit dedicated to breaking the cycle of violence, crime and incarceration of teens) at Cal Hills High School.


I’ve led numerous fundraisers for athletics, theater, band, and other student activities. My ongoing partnerships with private organizations and individuals will continue to benefit the District. We must continue to closely monitor all Bond funds and other capital expenditures.  

Professional Development of Teachers

To continue successful distance and hybrid learning, we must invest in the Professional Development of our Teachers. This pandemic may forever change the way we deliver instruction. Teachers need expertise in Video Conferencing Tools, Virtual Learning Engagement, and effective communication between Parents and Teachers in these developing models.  I recently secured a $100,000 donation specifically targeted for Distance Learning.